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21 March 2007

Convincing your Boss to let you work from home (and other 501 goodness)

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Thanks to dumblittleman I just discovered Productivity501, I entered to read the post about Convincing your Boss to let you work from home, which was great. I liked the way Mark sets his strategy.

1. Stealth Mode Research – The Technology

first make sure it is possible, then

2. Positioning Yourself for Success

improve your status at work to show that you can work efficiently without supervision, then

3. Determine the Business Reason You Should Be Allowed to Work From Home

choose the correct reasons from your Boss’s point of view to why it is better that you work from home. then

4. Prepare your Proposal

preferably written, and allow for

5. A Successful Trial Period


On the same site I found other excellent posts like Your Own Business and Getting More Done There are also some nice affilliated sites in the same series like Money501 and Profit501, I will be looking into those more, and might come with separate posts on them in the future.

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15 March 2007

Top 5 Things That Should Be Taught In Every School

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It is strange that here in Egypt we regard the American education system as way more modern than the Egyptian one, though you can find on the web articles about the American system describing it as:

the American education system is in sore need of an upgrade. The world is changing at such a rapid pace and it’s my strong opinion that there should be more classes dedicated to helping students prepare and cope with the real world once they graduate.

If you look at this generation of students, you’ll find that most are “shell shocked” once they graduate because they had little or no preparation for what was to come.

High school mostly teaches you to memorize information and to regurgitate it back to your teacher, only to completely erase the information from your mind the moment you walk out after taking the test.

When you go on to college, you do a bit of the same things, but you also learn to think analytically, critically, and to broaden your mind so to speak, but even people who graduate from college will learn lessons from the real world the hard way as well. The sad part is all of this could’ve been prevented with some proper education beforehand.

If someone has told me this omitting the word “American” in the first sentence, I will -at once- think that he is talking about the Egyptian system, but it seems that this problem is universal, a quick google results in this, this, this , this, … Of course Egypt has its mention as well.

WikiPedia has a nice article on Education Reforms

The author of the article mentions Top 5 things that should be taught in every school.

#1. Personal Finance
#2. Communicating Effectively
#3. Social Skills
#4. Sales
#5: Time Management

I do think that if you didn’t learn those in school (who has :-)) you should start to do so NOW.

In 43folders (where I found this link), you can find great responses in the comments.

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Outlook2003 : warning for emails without subject

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How many times have you sent an email without a subject? yes You! A quick search in my emails tells me that I have been guilty of doing this 6 times this year alone 😦

If you are like me (and you use Outlook like me) you will definitely benefit from my friend‘s latest post.

He has been plagued by the same problem for ages 🙂 but unlike me he decided to do something about, he did his research and found that Outlook MVP Sue Mosher had already wrote code to fix this issue.

The solution is a simple macro that you put in Outlook to warn you and stop the sending process if there is no subject.

I tried it and it worked perfectly, I had a problem when I copied the code from Abdelhalim‘s post because of the double quotes, so I recopied the code here and fixed this issue, if you get errors when you paste this code in VB, delete all double quotes and rewrite them.

Private Sub Application_ItemSend _
(ByVal Item As Object, Cancel As Boolean)
Dim strMessage As String
Dim lngRes As Long
If Item.Subject = “” Then
Cancel = True
strMessage = “Please fill in the subject before sending.”
MsgBox strMessage, _
vbExclamation + vbSystemModal, “Missing Subject”
End If
End Sub

Check the complete instructions and warning on the original post.

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