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15 March 2007

Adding Social networks buttons to posts

Filed under: autohotkey, development, wordpress — mhussein @ 5:37 pm

I wanted to add social networking buttons (, reddit, digg, …) like:
add to Digg it Stumble It! Add to Blinkslistadd to furladd to ma.gnoliaadd to simpyseed the vineTailRank
to the end of every post, There is no way to do it automatically as doesn’t support modifying the post template.

I found an ecellent post about this at sunburntkamel as I am very lazy (as most software developers) I have created a simple autohotkey script to do it for me.

The script prompts you for the url and the title then reads a simple template file adapted from sunburntkamel’s, and add the html code to the Clipboard ready for pasting.

you can download the script at This is a very simple script (I spent less than 10 minutes in writing it, most of that time writing comments, yes, I do write comments 🙂 whenever I can of course.)

Please tell me if you know a better way, or if you have problems or comments on the scripts.

add to Digg it Stumble It! Add to Blinkslist add to furl add to ma.gnolia add to simpy seed the vine TailRank


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